Elephants and lighthouse
A ride on the countryside

Monday- Friday


Including an elephant !

This tour will give you everything. Intimate trails, beaches and an nice lunch in beautiful surroundings. 

Highlights- photostops

The memorial of Aleksander Kielland
The memorial of Aleksander Kielland

The memorial of the platform Aleksander Kielland will be visit. Also Viste beach and Svartehola. A lot of things to see. 

This tour is a must if you should be biking in Stavanger. 

Price: 1500,-  incl. lunch

Require minimum 3 participants. 

Must be booked 2 days before. 

Meeting point are outside touristinformation at 09.00

Contact us for booking



From Stavanger city center, we follow the same track as the bike tour "Around Tananger". But when we reach Tananger brigde, we continue north and heading the memoral of Aleksander Kielland. 

After a photostop at the memorial, we continue north, and there will be plenty of thing to see. 

This tour is 50 km, and you have to be in good shape. We use manually bikes, but the tracks are easy. Some will be offroad.