Classic techniques
Basic course

Dates 2018: 

January: 13, 14, 27 and 28

February: 10, 11, 17 and 18

March: 10, 11, 24 and 25

         All courses starts from the cafe at Kvæven 10 am.  

English lessions as well, ask us for courses. 

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Going on the well oiled "running sticks" is a wonderful experience. With a heavy backwards kick, you glide fast forward. 

We teach you the techniques diagonal stride, double move with kick and "staking". 

We start the course with an introduction in in lubrication techniques

Remember, you can also use the techniques in the mountains or a romantic trip with your kids or your friend. 

Of course we don`t forget to play on our courses. We guarantee you snow in your hair.

If you are a group, please contact us for a special offer.

2 hours course

Adult:                                  450,- 

Children up to age of 13:    250,-