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Kjell Strand


Kjell Strand has a highly versatile sports and outdoor background that makes him a trusted leader in all activities that RogalandAktiv has to offer.

He has an energetic and open personality that gives people a sense of security on his trips, whether it is biking, skiing, kayaking, or climbing. He is the kind of leader where everyone feels that they are in 'good hands.'

Kjell is educated in a number of skiing activities: 

  • Telemark
  • Ski-games/activities
  • Alpine Skiing
  • Nordic Skiing
  • Certified Winter Tour Guide DNT (The Norwegian Turist Association)

He also has a lot of kayak experience, both from white water and open water/sea kayaking. Kjell is an educated Activities Leader in sea-kayaking, Norway Paddle Association. 

Kjell loves all kinds of sports. He likes to run, go biking, swimming, hunting and has participated in different kinds of endurance competitions. A highlight was the IronMan competition in Haugesund, Norway, 2015.