New in winter-highland?
A tour and cours in basic winter  techniques

Only for fixed groups

Price pr person: 1 500,- 

  • Includes course/trip
  • accommodation
  • 1 breakfast and 1 dinner

Only for groups. English speaking guide

"New in winter higland" is a mix of everything. This is not a peak-trip with a lot of downhill, but a skitour for beginners. 

Purpose of the trip, which is also a course, is that you will get an introduction in basic techniques, how to act in a DNT mountain huit, snow profiles, how to dressed, ski techniques, gear, equipment and much more. 

This course is perfect for those who want to have a introduction to winterskiing in Norway. 

This course is two days with accommodation at tourist lodge. Participant must have ski, sticks, sliping bag and basic winter clothes.