Positive feedback
What customer says about the tour

Words cannot fully describe how Beth and I feel about the experience that you created for us. We have memories that will last our lifetimes and our bond together as husband/wife is stronger because of our expedition; we are blessed! We are and will be forever grateful.

Today, I was speaking with a friend - my best friend - and I told him that the best way to describe our trip was like being on vacation with family and friends in nature in a foreign land, but not knowing you are a foreigner, and ending every day sitting by the camp fire with one another laughing and sharing stories - what could be better than this! We are so thankful and, while it is so good to be home with our family, we miss you and all of the "Managing Directors." We are certainly "Maximum Lucky." 

                                                                                           David Davenport, expedition member

Jeff Prouty

Chairman and Founder

the Prouty Project

It`s 9:30 pm now, the sun will set i a few hours. But this is a 5-stars living surrounded by flowers. (About the tenting in the green house). We have a great team, we`re having fun. 

Sam Smith

The planner and STRETCH leader

Pride without annoyance. Enthusiasm without recklessness. These are the the ways I would describe Kjell. I love how much he loves his country and wants to share it with us. I love his energy and passion and commitment to safety first. What we have seen and experienced so far has already been amazing. 

Terry Rockstad

STRETCH expedition member

There is reality, there are dreams. There is most importantly happiness. This is a happy group, we had a happy time, good healt and happiness to us all. 

Lori Jonason

STRETCH expedition member

The trip has been fabulous, or "brilliant" as Kjell reminds us all of the time. The people on the trip and in Norway have been phenomenal to spend time with. A truly fantastic and unexpected trip of phenomenally beautiful hiking, 300 flights of steps, 24 107 steps, 11.1 miles so far, 2877 calories so far, and immeasurable memories. And in the words of Kjell, our wonderful guide, "some  maximally lucky days"

Jackie Hayes

STRETCH expedition member

From my bottom of my hearth, Kjell was blessing to this trip. Hi did so much for us. Kept us safe, he entertained us with "Kjellissms" og "maximum lucky", " very extra", "now we walt", erc. He showed us some amazing parts of Norway, he introduced us to amazing people, help us overcomes fairs, showed us that we can truly do whatever we set our mind to. Not everyone can do this and inspire people in this way Kjell dit that. 

Sophie Foster

STRETCH expedition member

"Breating in, I calm my body, breathing out, I smile. Dwelling in the present moment. I know this is a wonderful moment". For me, this trip has been a beautiful reminder of how precious every moment is. The moments when I feel exhausted, overwhelmed or a little weepy due to having to part from friends we`ve created such strong bonds with, are some of the most important moments of our lives. I will forever take with me the lessons I learned on this trip. I will never forget the bonds I`ve made these 8 days.