Stavanger city center tour

Explore Stavanger from the best side, the seaside

Stavanger city center tour

Take part in this amazing urban kayak tour in the Stavanger archipelago. We start just outside the middle of town and you will experience Stavanger from its best side, the sea side! This is a full-day kayaking tour where we spend many hours at sea. We will take you under bridges, through narrow canals and over small straits. During our tour you will experience nature at its best with wildlife, birds and perhaps we'll even say hello to a seal!

The harbour area outside the center of Stavanger is bustling with boats. We will pass by white beaches, lovely houses and paddle thru narrow straits and tunnels. Yes, we hope we can give you some challenges in waves, but this is not a open water tour.

You must have been kayaking before to join this tour, this is a tour for intermediate kayakers. We have a lot of fun this day. There will be a full day at the sea, and you have to be familiar with differents conditions, wind, waves.

We start out shallow waters until you are ready for real kayaking. After a short safety brief, we enter the kayaks, and the adventure begins! We take it easy, getting to know the kayak. The guide and instructor will give you basic kayak training.

Like all of our kayak-trips, wildlife is abundant. You will see a lot of birds, and if we are lucky, we might see both seal and mink. Close to land, under your kayak, you can explore the seabed. If you paddle very quiet, you might see some fish and crabbs.

What to bring:

  • Some extra clothes
  • Extra pair of socks
  • Sunglases
  • Sunscreen
  • Rain clothes if rain

What's included

  • Guide with navigation, safety and emergency equipment.
  • Pick up and all transport
  • Kayak with all neccesary equipment
  • A nice hot meal