Basic course, seakayak
I line with the Norwegian Standard, NPF

For groups, by request

Why should you join us for a basic sea-kayaking course? 

  • Perhaps because we practice onshore before we enter the sea? 
  • Perhaps because we have brand new equipment? 
  • Perhaps because you will have coffee and tea during the theory session? 
  • And definitely because we have outstanding surroundings!
  • And also because we have very satisfied participants! 
  • And most of all, because we have the best instructors!

A word of praise from one of our 2017 participants:  

"I attended this amazing beginner course in kayaking with Rogaland Aktiv in Stavanger. Rogaland Aktiv are professional, and this was my first time ever in a kayak. Such a great location for this course! I can highly recommend our amazing instructor Kjell Strand and the company Rogaland Aktiv. The best is that I now feel confident enough to start doing kayaking with friends - I would not have done that without this course"

As the only operator in the region we offer a two-day, full days, kayak course with food and accommodation. You can spend the night in a tent or in a green house!! 

A long day on the water, take a rest
A long day on the water, take a rest

From NOK 1850,- 

Anyone who paddle a sea kayak should take a basic course. It's as simple as that.

The course is suitable for beginners or those who have some experience and want a review and guidance in the performance of different techniques.

NPF Foundation is a course of 16 hours and arranged as a weekend course, Saturday and Sunday


  • First aid
  • Planning a tour, equipment
  • How to behave outdoors.
  • How to get into a kayak, and out again
  • Lifting, carrying, launch and enter the kayak
  • Efficient forward paddling, backward paddling and stop. Sideways movement of the kayak.
  • Disembarkment, Securing kayak after disembarking.
  • Rescue Techniques.
  • Loss prevention. Planning the easy way to implement.

Saturday and Sunday

Your instructor will meet you in Møllebukta and walk you to the course arena. Or, if you come by car, follow the map (coming). 


  • 09.05: Coffee and tea in the gapahuk
  • 09.30: Theory
  • 11.00: Coffee break and lunch
  • 12.00: Entering kayaks and practical exercises
  • 16.00: Closing and evaluation, barbecues


  • 09.05: Coffee and tea
  • 09.30: Short evaluation, enter your kayaks
  • 12.00: Start kayak- trip
  • 16.00: Closing and evaluation. 

What's included:

  • Coffee and tea 2 days
  • Kayak with all gear and equipment
  • Drysuit
  • Wet card with oblat