Basic course, seakayak
I line with the Norwegian Standard, NPF

For groups, by request

Why should you join us for a basic sea-kayaking course? 

  • Perhaps because we practice onshore before we enter the sea? 
  • Perhaps because we have brand new equipment? 
  • Perhaps because you will have coffee and tea during the theory session? 
  • And definitely because we have outstanding surroundings!
  • And also because we have very satisfied participants! 
  • And most of all, because we have the best instructors!

A word of praise from one of our 2017 participants:  

"I attended this amazing beginner course in kayaking with Rogaland Aktiv in Stavanger. Rogaland Aktiv are professional, and this was my first time ever in a kayak. Such a great location for this course! I can highly recommend our amazing instructor Kjell Strand and the company Rogaland Aktiv. The best is that I now feel confident enough to start doing kayaking with friends - I would not have done that without this course"

As the only operator in the region we offer a two-day, full days, kayak course with food and accommodation. You can spend the night in a tent or in a green house!! 

A long day on the water, take a rest
A long day on the water, take a rest

From NOK 2100,- 

Anyone who paddle a sea kayak should take a basic course. It's as simple as that.

The course is suitable for beginners or those who have some experience and want a review and guidance in the performance of different techniques.

NPF Foundation is a course of 16 hours and arranged as a weekend course, Saturday and Sunday


  • First aid
  • Planning a tour, equipment
  • How to behave outdoors.
  • How to get into a kayak, and out again
  • Lifting, carrying, launch and enter the kayak
  • Efficient forward paddling, backward paddling and stop. Sideways movement of the kayak.
  • Disembarkment, Securing kayak after disembarking.
  • Rescue Techniques.
  • Loss prevention. Planning the easy way to implement.

Saturday and Sunday

Your instructor will meet you outside the Tau ferry at 08.30. From there we will take a highspeed wessel to Kalvøy and be there at 09.05


  • 09.05: At Kalvøy , coffee and tea
  • 09.30: Theory
  • 11.00: Coffee break and lunch
  • 12.00: Entering kayaks and practical exercises
  • 16.00: Closing and evaluation
  • 16.43: High speed wessel back to Stavanger
  • 17.00: Stavanger city center

It is possible to spend the night on the island. For those who want to do this, we will serve you a nice hot meal in the evening. And of course we spend the night by the bonfires. 


  • 09.05: At Kalvøy , coffee and tea
  • 09.30: Short evaluation, enter your kayaks
  • 12.00: Start kayak- trip
  • 16.00: Closing and evaluation. 
  • 16.43: High speed wessel back to Stavanger
  • 17.00: Stavanger city center

What's included:

  • Pick up and high speed wessel to Kalvøy
  • Coffee and tea 2 days
  • A nice barbeque lunch Saturday
  • Kayak with all gear and equipment
  • Drysuit
  • Wet card with oblat

If you want to spend the night at Kalvøy, you will have a fabulous adventure. You can use your tent outside or inside. Have you tried to sleep in a greenhouse? For those who stay over, we will serve you a nice hot meal in the evening. And of course we end this day by the bonfires. 

The price for this all-inclusive course is NOK 2650,- This includes a nice hot meal during the evening, a place for your tent and coffee/tea Sunday morning. Not including breakfast Sunday, and lunch Sunday. This can be purchased.