From mountain to  Lysefjord
3-day tour in the Norwegian highland

                          Dates 2019:          08-10 February   15-17 March    

From the Hunnedal/Sirdal,  to the deepest Lysefjord

Price: On request

Minimum 5 persons


This is our most popular winter hiking/ski-tour. We start easy with 2-3 hours from the road in Hunnedalen to the mountain cabin Sandvatn. Day two, we are heading towards Langavatn, which is close by the famous Kjerag. Day three, we end up in Lysefjord. A high speed vessel will bring us back to Lauvvik. Nice fjord cruise. From the pier at Lauvvik a taxi will pick us up and give us a lift back to Stavanger. 

Complete program

Day 1

  • 2 hours taxitour from Stavanger to Hunnedalen Valley
  • 3 hours skiing 
  • Distance skitour: 12 km

The guide will meet you outside the Stavanger tourist information at 8 am and bring you to the starting point in Hunnedalen. From the road we go upwards. Up and up, but not very steep. Don't start with a lot of clothes, you will be warm. When we reach the top the terrain is undulating until we arrive the cabin Sandvatn. Forget about electricity and mobile coverage, you are in the mountains now. 

Day 2

  • Breakfast
  • 3 hours skitour
  • 12 km
  • Lunch and dinner

Day two starts off easy. We cross some frozen water on our way to the mountain cabin Langevatn. The terrain and scenery is beautiful. We usually have plenty of time when arriving at Langavatn. So if you want, the guide will take you to a summit nearby. But of course, you can also rest in the cabin, read a book, have a coffee or tea, or just talk to other people on their adventure. 

Day 3

  • Breakfast
  • 14 km, much downhill
  • High speed vessel to Lauvik, fjord cruse
  • A taxi back to Stavanger 3.30 pm

Depending on our skiing skills, we may start early this day. We have to catch the high speed vessel from Lysebotn at 3.30 pm, so we haven't got all day, but we will make it. From the mountain cabin at Langevatn we start easy. After 2 hours we have lunch at the restaurant Øygardsstøl, which will be winter closed at this time. After lunch we start going downhill, oh yes!

Depending on the snow conditions, are we able to ski the entire way to the tunnel? We hope so. After passing through the tunnel, there will be a 30 minute walk on asphalt to the pier in Lysebotn. 

Onboard the high speed vessel to Lauvik, relax, you have done it! Crossing the mountain, advanced downhill skiing, spent two night in a mountain cabin, you are an expedition adventurer!

Additional information

Not for everyone

About the expedition:

This is not a tour for everyone. You must be experienced in skiing, and skiing downhill. You must be in good shape and be able to hike for a long time. 

What's included:

  • All transport
  • Food and accommodation

What to bring

  • Mountain skis with sharp edges
  • Sleeping mat and sleeping bag
  • Headlamps with new battery
  • Skins under your skiis (not mandatory)
  • Ski goggles/glasses
  • Winter clothes 

Complete packing list will be sent