Kayaking and hiking close to the North Sea ocean
Full day kayaking and hiking at Kvitsøy

This tour runs only for groups. Send us an request if you want this very special kayak- adventure. 

Join us doing a full day kayaking and hiking at Kvitsøy. 

Kvitsøy is an island municipality in Rogaland county, Norway, and lies far out on the fjord between Haugesund and Stavanger.  At only 6.29-square-kilometre (2.43 sq mi), it is the smallest municipality in Norway by area. Kvitsøy is located in the traditional district of Ryfylke.

The main exhibition deals with the story of the lobster, fishing lobsters and trading with them. Kvitsøy has long been known as a center for lobster fishing, but local fishermen also fish for herrings, sardines and shrimp. The sea has always been of fundamental importance for the settlement on Kvitsøy.

The natur at Kvitsøy
The natur at Kvitsøy


A full day kayak at Kvitsøy include a lot of adventures: 

  • Kayaking around some of the islands 365 small islands
  • A tower visit
  • A short hiking tour in wild nature
  • A open fjord cruise

The tour begins with a ferry from Mekjarvik at to Kvitsoy. After a short safety brief, we will take you a very nice and beautiful tour between some of Kvitsøys 365 islands.

The tour is perfect for all types of paddlers, we just adapt the level.

The tour is perfect for all types of paddlers, we just adapt the level.

Windy on the ferry to Kvitsøy
Windy on the ferry to Kvitsøy

Group of 5:                             12 000,- Nok

Group of 10:                            25 000,- Nok

Time schedule (Monday-Friday)

08.00: The guide will meet you outside Stavanger touristinformation. Bus or by car to Mekjarvik, pier 20 minutes

08.55: Ferry to Kvitsøy, 40 minutes.

10.00: After a short safety brief, 2 hours guided kayak trip.

12.00: Lunch, hot meal.

13.00: More kayaking, but also some hiking around the island.

16.10: Ferry back to Mekjarvik and Stavanger city center.


  • A nice open- fjord cruise
  • 5 hours kayking and hiking at Kvitsøy
  • Transport and guiding
  • All gear and equipment (drysuit and neoprene)
  • All food (hot meal) and drinks

What to bring:

  • Outdoors clothes (wind and wetproof
  • Hiking shoes
  • A cap
  • Camera, sunblock, sunglases.