New in winter-highland?
A tour and course in basic winter  techniques

"New in winter highland" is a mix of everything. This is not a peak-trip with a lot of downhill, but a ski tour for beginners.

Only for groups

Price pr person: 2500,- 

  • Includes course/trip
  • accommodation
  • 1 breakfast and 1 dinner

Only for groups. English speaking guide

Dates 2018:

  • 3-4 February 19-20 February
  • 3-4 March 17-18 March

The purpose of the trip, which is also a course, is that you will been given basic introduction in ski techniques, how to act in a DNT mountain cabin, snow profiles, how to be dressed, gear, equipment and much more. 

This course is perfect for those who want to have a introduction to winter skiing in Norway. 

This course is two days with accommodation at a tourist lodge. Participant must have ski, sticks, sleeping bag and basic winter clothes. 

Complete program

The guide will pick you up outside the tourist information in Stavanger city center at 8 pm. From there, a taxi will take us to Sirdal which will be our starting point. In Sirdal we head to the mountain cabin Taumevatn, which is a nice cabin. The track, eh..there is no track. The first part is very easy. We ski along a road covered by snow, straight forward. After two hours we will start a climb before we enter the winter highland. The last part is a little bit tricky between trees and crossing some frozen rivers. Lovely landscape and scenery!

At Sandvatn we will have a nice dinner. There is no electricity so we use gas for cooking. You may help bringing water from the frozen river. And of course, you are out of range for signal to your cellphone, you are in the mountain now.


On this tour, there will be lessons in ski-techniques, snow and snow profiles, clothes and equipment, nice to have, must have, and much more. The language will be English if there are guest from other countries than Norway.

Packing list

Participants must bring

  • Ski and sticks
  • Backpack
  • Sleeping bag and mat
  • Winter-clothes

Complete packing list will be sent in front of the tour.