Easter 2019
The Easter Expedition 2019

Easter mini-expedition 2019

13-22 April

Price: 4000,-

A mini expedidition for everybody who likes mountainering. 

Join us for this wonderful mini-expedition in the Norwegian highland. This tour is 137 km long. The daily distance will be between 10-20 km every day. 

We start from the mountain hut Haukeliseter Saturday 13th April and end up in Sirdal after 7-8  days, probably Monday 1st April. We spend the nights in very simple mountain huts without electricity and water, back to basic. Wildlife is abundant and it maybe we encounter some reindeer? 

Not included: Food and accommodation at the mountain cabins, transport to, and accommodation at Haukeliseter, dinner Saturday evening, snacks, return from Sirdal when arriving the final destination. 

Guides on this tour


We meet at Haukeliseter Friday 12th April. There are several options for accommodation in Haukeliseter. Participants must book their accommodation and dinner Saturday night.

  1. Day 1: Saturday 13th: Haukeliseter- Holmavatn, 20 km. This is actually one of the longest legs of the entire trip. The terrain is however easy, and we should arrive at the lodge in good time before it gets dark.
  2. Day 2: Holmavatn- Bleskestadsmoen. Approximately 14 km skiing.
  3. Day 3: Bleskestadsmoen- Krossvatn. Approximately 13 km skiing.
  4. Day 4: Krossvatn via Vassdalstjørn to Hovatn. Approximately 15 km. On this leg it is possible to climb a summit if you have enough energy. Vi reach Skorpa which is 1288m above sea level.
  5. Day 5: Hovatn- Storsteinen 16km
  6. Day 6: Storsteinen- Kringlevatn 13km
  7. Day 7: Kringlevatn- Storevatn- Taumevatn 14km
  8. Day 8: We finish this trip along Flatstøldalen to Ådneram. This leg is about 10km.
  9. Day 9: This is an extra day if stormy weather.