Skaiting course
Heavy push, long glide

Dates 2019: 

January:                26.01 kl 12.00       27.01 kl 12.00

February:              16.02 kl 12.00       17.02 kl 12.00

March:                   16.03 kl 12.00       17.03 kl 12.00


  • Saturdays, park by the cafe at Kvæven
  • Sundays, by the Frikvarter at Ådneram

Price nok 450,- pr person. 

English lessions as well, ask us for courses

Freshly prepared tracks, correct glider, stiff shoes and skating ski, can it get any better?

We teach you the technique so that you can find the pleasure to skate on well prepped skis.

On the course we will give you an introduction in single and double dance, paddling and "staking".

And of course we give you tips how to get skis to nearly "run themselves"

  • Only for groups. 
  • Minimum size of group is 5.
Bestill nå!

A ski course can also be combined with preparation course. You will find maximum happiness skiing with well prepped skis. Let us show you.