Sword in Rock
A must

From NOK 650,- person 

  • Distance: 22 km     
  • Duration: 2-3 hours   
  • The track: Asphalt and gravel tracks
  • Level: Beginners

We only do this tour for minimum 5 persons. If you are a singel persons or a couple, send us a mail and we put you on a list in case of more participants if not the tour is full booked. 

This tour fits for bikers who can ride 20-30 km. There will be some up and down, but you will not climb mountain. You have to be familiar with gravel roads and of course, biking. We will before the ride, show you how to shift gear and brakes, rest is up to you. 

The battle of Hafrsfjord

The Battle of Hafrsfjord (Norwegian: Slaget i Hafrsfjord) was a great naval battle fought in Hafrsfjord sometime between 872 and 900 that resulted in the unification of Norway, later known the Kingdom of Norway. After the battle, the victorious Viking chief Harald Fairhair proclaimed himself the first king of the Norwegians, merging several petty kingdomsunder a single monarch for the first time.

The bay today

Beach and recreational area in historical surroundings from the Viking period in Hafrsfjord. The area is located close to Madlaveien south of Madlaleiren. A small river from Store Stokkavatn flows through the beach area. 

Where to meet the guide

This trip start from the shop PAA HJUL, which is located close by the Stavanger train station. Walking distance from the harbour where the cruise ships docks, is 10 minutes. 

Before the trip, we will provide you with a bike and helmet. We have bikes for ladies and gentlemen and will provide you with a bike that fits you.

From the Stavanger city center we head towards the beautiful Mosvannet lake. Along the water, you will experience abundant bird life and nice surroundings. 

Three sword

When arriving at Three sword, Møllebukta bay, you will have plenty of time walking around taking photos. We recommend to bring some money for snacks at Is Paradice. They have tasty dishes, whether you want a burger, ice cream or cake. 

Three sword in Hafsfjord
Three sword in Hafsfjord

We continue our trip along the famous Hafrsfjord. The track is narrow, so keep your eyes on the gravel road. I have to admit, the trip from the Møllebukta and along the fjord, is my favorite. Nice gardens and houses, some small and some bigger ones. Very very nice.

We will leave the fjord just before the Hafrsfjord brigde. There will be a short photo stop at the petroglyphs at Fluberget. The petroglyphs were discovered in 1879. There are 170 figures and 80 pits visible today.

Heading the lakes

We continue to the beautiful lake Stokkavannet. The gravel road around the lake is very popular for runners, hikers and bikers. When we leave gravel road from the lake, there will be some small hills to climb, hope you have some energy left? 

Finish line, Old Stavanger

On the last leg back towards Stavanger city center you will see nice architecture, also some famous buildings, like Ledaal, the Norwegian King's house in Stavanger. We will finish the trip riding through old Stavanger. 

What our guest says about this tour: 

The best part of our trip to Stavanger!

Guide was top notch - extremely kind and knows the area very well. He created a custom tour for us given that we were traveling with young children and needed trolleys. Everyone, from adults to the youngest kid, had a great time and saw the most beautiful parts of the town!

3 swords bike tour

We had a wonderful bike ride. Saw beautiful lakes and countryside and learned much of the history of the area. I would highly recommend this bike tour of Stavanger!

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be made in writing. The date of cancellation will be considered to be the date when written notice is received by Norway AdvenTURes.
Cancellations received:

  • More than 30 days prior to start of the trip in Norway: Full refund minus the deposit.
  • 30-11 working days prior to arrival in Norway: 60% refund.
  • 0-10 working days prior to arrival in Norway: No refund.