The west coast expedition

Discover the best of Rogaland


Flørli and 4444 steps

On the trip we will visit, and climb, 4444 steps. Flørli 4444 is located in the famous Lysefjord. We will use a RIB to enter this extraordinary place. 

Kjerag and the boulder

Do you dare to enter the boulder? If so, you will have 980 meter under you feet. This hike is not easy, it's undulating terrain and you should be in good physical condition. Start training today and join us!

The Pulpit Rock

Last but not least, we end the trip with the famous Pulpit Rock. After a nice dinner at the Pulpit Rock Hotel and a good night's sleep, we start the climb to the plateau. We will spend approx. 2 hours up and 1 1/2 down again. 


Rogaland Aktiv wish you a warm welcome to Norway and to join this very special trip. This is not an expedition for everyone. You have to be in normal to good shape to join this adventure. 

The expedition

This is a huge project with an enormous logistic. For transport we will use ferries, buses and taxis, and we will be traveling over large areas. We will be moved from one destination to another, and we are going from kayaks to advanced, but nice, mountain hiking. Puh..!!

It is not for sure that everyone of you will be able to manage the whole trip, but dont worry, we have back-ups. This first parts, the kayaks trip, start very easy, and we adjust the level to the participants. 

The first two hiking days are pretty hard, special the trip to Kjerag. We have plenty of time to climb the steps, but we will have a little bit hurry when we should walk to the Kjerag boulder. But, if you are in good condition, you will make it, and, its worth it. Thrust me ! Do you dare to enter the stone at Kjerag? 

The Pulpit rock is a must. There will be hundreds of others at the trail, but we have to end the expedition with this one. 

About the Stavanger region

The Stavanger region has many scenic attractions, among them the Lysefjord, Sola beach and the world famous Preikestolen ("the Pulpit Rock"). Preikestolen is located 604 metres above sea level and is the most visited attraction in the county of Rogaland. Lonely Planet named it the number one most breathtaking viewing platform in the world.

The Stavanger & Ryfylke region - grand nature with steep mountains and deep fjords. From outer reefs to sheltered villages. From steep vantage points to green valleys. Short distances to mountains and fjords. Wide-stretched beaches as far as the eye can see. Colourful culture and spectacular culinary highlights. Stavanger is the region's largest city with a population of around 130 000.

In 1969 the first oil field was discovered at Ekofisk south in the North Sea, which made the Stavanger Region a key player in the Norwegian economy.

Today, Stavanger is Europe's oil and energy capital, and the main source of income for the locals comes from working in the petroleum sector. This industry attracts different nationalities to the region, making it a highly international destination. 


Day 1- Arriving and enjoying the beach and spa.

You arrive at Stavanger airport Sola. The airport is a very short distance from the  Sola beach hotel. After checking in, you can take a walk at the beach, rent a bike or just relax in the spa. 

Day 2- Guided bus tour, arriving basecamp and kayaking

After a good night's sleep, we pick you up at the hotel at 8.30 am. You can leave your suitcase at the hotel, and just bring your bag or backpack. (Follow the packing-list which will be provided)

From the hotel we start the day with a guided tour. You will see white beaches and farmland. From the top of the Ullandhaug tower you will be able to see Stavanger from above. On our way to the famous Three Swords located by the history packed Hafrsfjord, we will pass by Tananger where several of the oil companies are located; they too are a big part of Rogaland.

After a cup of coffee or an ice-cream in 'Is Paradis', we enter the city centre, ready to take a 30 minute high speed vessel to our kayak basecamp on Kalvøy. From the harbour area on Kalvøy we have a 10 minute walk to our final destination.


Kalvøy is one of the islands in the archipelago of Stavanger; there is short distance between islands with quiet bays, narrow passages in shallow waters. The area is unique and perfect for kayaking. The view from Kalvøy is a panorama of Stavanger in the west, and the high mountains of the inland in the east.

Kalvøyparken, (Kalvøy Maritime Park) our camp next to beach, provide great facilities for the tour. Kalvøyparken has been built for tourist events and here you will find a restaurant with cosy wooden cabins surrounded by green lawns and pine forest. The local farm delivers fresh products to the kitchen. The Highland Cattle that graze the farm fields is a spectacular sight. We gladly share the history of the island's farm life with you.

At Kalvøy we will sleep in tents, and you will spend the nights in a green house! You can choose between one or two person tents. Please visit the website for more info. 

After arriving at Kalvøy and a nice BBQ lunch we get ready for kayaking. You will receive your own kayak and gear. Everything will have your name on it. Your equipment will consist of a dry suit, waterproof bags, water bottles, cockpit cover, tent etc. After a short theory brief onshore, we enter our kayaks. And we're off! 

On the water we will show you different rescue techniques, and practice. We will spend the rest of the day training, practice rescue techniques, paddling, and kayaking around Kalvøy.  

Day 3- Kayaking

Are you ready for discover our lovely archipelago? We really looking forward to show you. From our kayak base camp passed by cliffs and reefs, around small islands and through nice channels. We will serve you a nice outdoors lunch before we go back to the base camp. Long day in the kayak. 

Day 4- Kayaking (open program)

Ready for more kayaking? Now you are a trained kayaker and can manage longer distances. Weather and wind determine where the trip is going this day. If the weather is nice and calm, we will kayak in open sea this day. We will visit islands not far from the basecamp. Regardless of the weather, there will be some kayaking this day. Should the weather be bad we have a plan B. What about some polo to increase your balance? 

If the weather is poor, with a lot of wind and rain, we will opt for a guided tour in Stavanger city after lunch. Maybe some shopping? 

Day 5- Heading Flørli and 4444 steps

After breakfast we leave the basecamp and head to the famous Lysefjord. Ulf and his boat Rapp will pick us up at 9 am and take us to the little "village" Flørli. On board Rapp we will serve you coffee/tea and snacks.

MS Rapp
MS Rapp

This fjord cruise on Lysefjord present spectacular nature, such as the Pulpit Rock, the Kjerag Mountain, rugged scenery and dramatic rock formations. The 42-kilometre-long trip along the fjord reveals incredible geology and glacial landscape.

Flørli is popular for its 4444 steps right up the mountain - the longest wooden stairway in the world. It is also known for its hydropower history - in the power hall you can visit the exhibition and enjoy the summer-open Power Café. 

The appartements at Florli

We will spend the night in apartments. The standard of the apartments is basic but fully equipped with a kitchen, bath and electricity. There is no television. There is excellent internet in the nearby Power Café. From the living room you have a nice view of the fjord and the harbour 100m away. 

There are 3 bedrooms and 9 beds in each apartment.

  • One 2 persons room
  • Two 3 persons room
  • Extra: 1 bed in a 3 person room

After a nice lunch, we prepare ourselves for the stairs. This is the ultimate experience. We will use some time climbing the stairs, and when we reach the top, you will see a large part of Lysefjorden. You will be almost 1000 meter above sea level! The return will be very steep and heavy, with rocks and rocky path. 

Well done. In the evening our host at Flørli, Hessel Haker, will serve us as nice 3 course dinner. Do you need a shower?

Day 6- Heading Kjerag and the bolt

Are you in? Get ready for a real hike!

We start early from the village Flørli. The high speed vessel picks us up at 6.45 am. In Lysebotn a taxi will take us up to the restaurant Øygardsstøl, which is our starting point for the hike. The hike to Kjerag is hard, but it is worth it. The terrain is undulating, and when we reach the top of the plateau (about 2-3 hours), we will have a great view. Spectacular! 

The starting point is at 600 meter above sea level, and we end up at 1000 meter above sea level. The first uphill slope from the parking area is a test. There are three of these steep uphill climbs over naked bedrock. If you can make it up this first climb, then you continue. If you struggle here, you have a choice to turn around and enjoy a good lunch and the view at cafe Øygardstøl or in the Lysebotn village.

After completing this hike, a taxi will take us back to Lysebotn and we take a boat to the village Forsand. A taxi will take us up to the beautiful mountain hotel, The Pulpit rock hotel, where we will have a two course dinner and spend the night. 

Day 7- The pulpit rock

Not only is the view from the Pulpit Rock plateau itself among the world's finest, but the 2 hour hike from the lodge to the plateau is also a spectacular journey. Pulpit Rock is one of Rogaland county's most visited attractions, and one of the country's most spectacular photo subjects.

Pulpit Rock has been named one of the world's most spectacular viewing points by both CNN Go and Lonely Planet. It rises 604 metres above the Lysefjord.

We bring lunch from the hotel to have at the top of the Pulpit Rock. Total time on this trip will be about 6 hours.

After the hike, we are transported to the pier at Tau and take the ferry back to Stavanger where a taxi takes us back to the Sola beach hotel. 

Everything has an end, you have done it all !

For more information and booking, see here


  • Pick up at the airport, transport to hotel
  • Guided bus- tour day 1
  • All food (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Kayak and hiking guides (English speaking)
  • Transport (bus, ferries, taxi)
  • Accommodation (tent, rooms, hotel during the expedition)
  • Kayak rental with all gear (dry suits, waterproof bags, slipping mat, cooking equipment)


  • Flight to and from Norway
  • Accommodation at Sola Beach hotel when arriving and by departure
  • Snacks during the trip
  • Drinks and alcohol
  • Sleeping mat and sleeping bag (can be rented)
  • Personal equipment like back pack, hiking boots and clothes. 
  • Tips

PACKING LIST (see some photos below)

  • One bag for all your expeditions (see photo). Leave your suitcase with your city center/party clothes at the hotel.
  • One backpack for the daily trips, not too big, approx 40 liters (See photo)
  • 2 long sleeved semi-thick pullovers made of wool (can also be used when hiking)
  • 2 long johns made of wool
  • 1 pair outdoor trousers for use during evening (the same as you will use during hiking)
  • 1 outdoor jacket for use during evening, (the same as you will use during hiking)
  • 1 waterproof jacket and 1 waterproof trousers
  • 2 t-shirts
  • 1 shorts/bikini.
  • Swimwear
  • Underwear
  • 2 pair of thick socks (if you need more, bring more)
  • 1 thick pullover or fleecejacket
  • 1 pair thin gloves and 1 pair of bike gloves (for kayaking)
  • Hiking shoes or some other for use in camp (see photo)
  • Sleeping bag (not too big) and sleeping mat (see photo)
  • Caps and sun glases
  • Medicine if required
  • Toiletries, towel
  • Snacks
  • Camera, cellphone with charger/extra charger
  • Thermos and a cup (see photo)
  • Headlight with extra battery (see photo)
  • Money, Visa

Some reviews from expeditions

Words cannot fully describe how Beth and I feel about the experience that you created for us. We have memories that will last our lifetimes and our bond together as husband/wife is stronger because of our expedition; we are blessed! We are and will be forever grateful.

Today, I was speaking with a friend - my best friend - and I told him that the best way to describe our trip was like being on vacation with family and friends in nature in a foreign land, but not knowing you are a foreigner, and ending every day sitting by the camp fire with one another laughing and sharing stories - what could be better than this! We are so thankful and, while it is so good to be home with our family, we miss you and all of the "Managing Directors." We are certainly "Maximum Lucky."

                      David Davenport, expedition member

Jeff Prouty

Chairman and Founder

the Prouty Project

It`s 9:30 pm now, the sun will set in a few hours. But this is a 5-stars living surrounded by flowers. (About the sleeping in the green house). We have a great team, we're having fun. 

Sam Smith

The planner and STRETCH leader

Pride without annoyance. Enthusiasm without recklessness. These are the ways I would describe Kjell. I love how much he loves his country and wants to share it with us. I love his energy and passion and commitment to safety first. What we have seen and experienced so far has already been amazing. 

Terry Rockstad

There is reality, there are dreams. There is most importantly happiness. This is a happy group, we had a happy time, good health and happiness to us all. 

Lori Jonason

The trip has been fabulous, or "brilliant" as Kjell reminds us all of the time. The people on the trip and in Norway have been phenomenal to spend time with. A truly fantastic and unexpected trip of phenomenally beautiful hiking, 300 flights of steps, 24 107 steps, 11.1 miles so far, 2877 calories so far, and immeasurable memories. And in the words of Kjell, our wonderful guide, "some maximally lucky days"

Jackie Hayes

From the bottom of my hearth, Kjell was a blessing to this trip. He did so much for us. Kept us safe, he entertained us with "Kjellisms" and "maximum lucky", " very extra", "now we wait", etc. He showed us some amazing parts of Norway, he introduced us to amazing people, helped us overcomes fears, showed us that we can truly do whatever we set our mind to. Not everyone can do this and inspire people in the way Kjell did.

Sophie Foster

"Breathing in, I calm my body, breathing out, I smile. Dwelling in the present moment. I know this is a wonderful moment". For me, this trip has been a beautiful reminder of how precious every moment is. The moments when I feel exhausted, overwhelmed or a little weepy due to having to part from friends we've created such strong bonds with, are some of the most important moments of our lives. I will forever take with me the lessons I learned on this trip. I will never forget the bonds I've made these 8 days.