"Wet and delicious" 
Awesome fun in a kayak

Wet and delicious is not a kayak- course, neither a kayak- tour, just a lot of madness, 

in a kayak, below a kayak, above a kayak. 

  • Can you manage to stand in a kayak?
  • Are you ready for a wet look?

Bring your friends, your colleagues and partners and have 2-3 hours with wet fun.

The wet and delicious event starts with dressing you in drysuits and neopren shoes. While enter the kayaks, we will show you how get into a kayak, get out of it (and yes, maybe under water), and some very fun exercises. We end the session with a nice kayak- tour. 

We guarantees you a wet look. Get ready to be challenged!

This event fits best groups sizes 5-10 persons. Normally we arrange this event i Møllebukta, but of course, if you have some salt or fresh water around, we come to your place. 

Do you want more fun? Check out the full consept Camp Kalvøy. 

Prize from : 750,- nok pr person