About Rogaland Aktiv
Your first choice in outdoor activities in Rogaland

Rogaland Aktiv was founded by Kjell Strand in the autumn of 2015. Our first full season was 2016. For groups we offer unique outdoor activities in and around Rogaland, which lies on the southwestern coast of Norway. Our main activities are kayaking, biking and skiing. We can also offer private guided tours and kiting (summer and winter), just to mention a few of our other activities. 

In addition, all trips include knowledgeable and personable guides, who will make your experiences memorable.  Tours can be tailor made based on the groups participating. Don't hesitate ask us!

The team and collaborators

Kjell Strand


Nina Natvig

Kayak instructor

Tove Sivertsen

Hiking and biking

Kine Vassbø

Hiking, skiing, winterexpeditions


Certification and education:

  • Instructor Telemark
  • Instructor Nordic skiing
  • Instructor alpine skiing
  • Winter and summer guide certified DNT
  • Activities Leader sea kayak

Kjell Strand 


Kjell has a highly versatile sports and outdoor background that make him a trusted leader in all activities that Rogaland Aktiv has to offer.

He has an energetic and open personality that gives people a sense of security on his trips, whether it is biking, skiing, kayaking, or climbing. He is the kind of leader that makes everyone feel that they are in good hands.

Kjell loves all kinds of sports. He likes to run, go biking, swimming, hunting and has participated in different kinds of endurance competitions. A highlight was the IronMan competition in Haugesund, Norway, 2015. 

Nina is qualified in/as:

  • Activities Leader sea kayak
  • ETU Ledelse ung
  • Basic course white water



Nina is our kayak instructor, but also our cook on expeditions and trips. 

"Let's go!", this is Nina. Always on the go, every time. Kayaking, hiking, running, everything. She has a lot of passion, and a lot of energy!

Myggen Sanches

SUP and surfing

It is a pleasure to introduce our new instructor and collaborator for 2019. Myggen is running a surfschool and will have the responsibilities for all wet waves fun. 



Tove is one of our hike and bike guides. Don't try to overtake her, you won't be able to! Tove is a machine. She just keeps going!

Tove is a qualified guide winter and summer, DNT. 



Kine is never home during weekends, always hiking, skiing or doing other outdoors activities.

Kine is an Outdoors and Nature Guide with qualifications from the University of Agder.

She has extensive experience in winter outdoor activities and has crossed Greenland on skis where she spent 28 consecutive nights sleeping in a tent in the snow.