About Kalvøyparken
Our basecamp and activities cventer

Kalvøy is located just outside Stavanger city center, among the small islands in the city´s archipelago. The island has idyllic green lawns and woods all the way down to the seaside. The silence is only disturbed by birdsong, and you will have a great view of the skyline of the city. 

At Kalvøy you don´t have to put on skirts or shirt clips, here it is all about human, nature and the experience. We can offer parties, conferences and activity tours during the day, or as an evening event.

Our premises are built in tar-treated timber, and the materials are made of trees cut and sawn on the island. The event area extends just down to the swab and the seaside.

Standard premises is a dining room with seats up to 100 persons, and additionally 3 cabins which seats 25 persons in each, all of which provide a pleasant atmosphere for your event. For even larger groups, we can expand by outdoor tables, on the lawn or on the swab, as you wish.

In conjunction with an event, we offer attractive activity and entertainment, for the best possible experience for your excursion.